Snoring problems can cause great distress to sleeping partners, and may even indicate a deadly problem. There are effective snoring cures, so don’t despair- separate bedrooms or divorce aren’t necessary for relief.Ways to Stop Snoring

First, you should understand what causes the snoring. The reason why people snore is due to a narrowing of the airway that causes air to vibrate the throat’s soft tissue as they breathe. Sometimes it may be caused by allergies or nasal congestion, but it may be due to sleep apnea, which can stop the snorer from breathing at all and be deadly.

How to stop snoring can be addressed after getting an accurate diagnosis of the cause. There are many snore remedies being marketed, so we’ll give you the skinny before you waste money on hype and false promises of relief.

Stop Snoring Remedies

  • Stop snoring devices

1. Nasal strips are generally more effective for quieting snoring, rather than eliminating it.

2. A mouthpiece to stop snoring devices may be effective for those with sleep apnea who don’t successfully respond to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatments.

3. Nasal valves are another option for sleep apnea sufferers, but since they’re for one-time use and are available over the counter, they can be costly.

4. Snore pillows have an effect on the neck’s position, but since people don’t stay put during the night, their effectiveness is questionable.

  • Side Sleeping – This may eliminate snoring since sleeping on one’s side puts less pressure on the throat than sleeping on your back. You can try wearing a shirt backwards with a tennis ball in the pocket to prevent rolling onto your back again.
  • Weight Loss – Excess neck tissue may further restrict airways and cause snoring. Therefore, losing weight may help, especially when snoring only develops after weight gain.
  • Snoring surgery – If your snoring is so bad that surgery is recommended, you probably have sleep apnea. CPAP treatment is the optimal treatment for sleep apnea, and surgery should be considered only if CPAP treatment doesn’t resolve the problem.
  • Humidifiers – These might help if your snoring is due to nasal congestion or allergies that are made worse with dry air.
  • Avoiding alcohol – Since alcohol relaxes muscles that open your airways and can cause less restful sleep, skipping a nightcap before bedtime may reduce snoring.

There are some barbaric snoring cures out there, like the zapping device my mom bought for my dad. Hopefully, you can use the recommendations above to curb an urge to use torturous methods of getting relief from a snorer, and both of you can have sweet dreams.

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