Do you believe in werewolves? The affect of lunar phases on human behavior has been questioned for many years. Past sleep studies on the correlation between lunar cycles and sleep patterns have been inconclusive.Does a Full Moon Keep You Up at Night Some studies have shown that women are more affected by the moon’s phase, while others have shown men are more affected. Therefore, scientists recently decided to conduct a more objective, conclusive study of the connection between the moon and sleep disorders.

In a study involving 1,265 volunteers over the course of 2,097 nights, researchers analyzed sleep data in order to arrive at a definitive answer about the lunar cycles’ affect on sleep. The researchers were unable to replicate previous findings about a connection between sleep and lunar phases. During the course of the research, several unpublished null findings, some involving more than 20,000 sleep nights, were uncovered. This indicated that publication bias played a part in the conflicting results.

In this latest study, the findings showed that sleep patterns were unaffected by lunar cycles. Therefore, the conclusion reached was that the moon has nothing to do with human sleep.

Perhaps, if you feel the need to bay at the moon or find your face covered in hair in the middle of the night, there may be further studies to determine a lunar connection. However, if you’re suffering from sleep deprivation and looking for answers on how to get to sleep, scientists will need to look elsewhere than up in the sky to offer a solution.

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