Being sleep deprived may be your best excuse the next time you forget something or make a mistake in recalling an event. Sleep studies’ data can even be used to support your defense.

Sleep Deprivation – Sleep Study on Sleep Loss and Memory

Recently, sleep deprivation effects were investigated in a sleep study. The study examined participant’s ability to recall information viewed in crime scene photos. The subjects read eyewitness accounts related to the crime and then were shown crime scene photos that contained information that conflicted with the eyewitness accounts. The subject’s job was to be able to accurately recall what was in the crime scene photo. Half of the subjects were sleep deprived, while the other half were allowed to sleep at night. Those suffering sleep loss proved to be more likely to falsely believe the witness narratives matched the crime scene photos. The link between lack of sleep and faulty memory was established through the data collected from the 104 college-aged subjects, and published in the journal Psychological Science.

The insomnia insights of this new sleep study can impact law enforcement investigations and criminal prosecutions. Knowing chronic sleep deprivation’s effects on our mind’s ability to accurately recall memories can lead to a new line of questioning. Will sleeping disorders disqualify witnesses or discredit their testimony? Will sleep problems of crime victims make it harder for their claims to be believed and successfully prosecuted?

Sound sleep is essential to good health. sleep deprivation have been linked to harmful changes in our biochemistry. Vital restoration and repair on a biochemical level is thought to take place while we sleep. Studies on animals who were completely sleep deprived revealed critically abnormal metabolism, weight gain unrelated to food intake, skin lesions, and other problems. Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can cause health issues like heart problems, and even cause death. Learning how to sleep better can not only improve your clear recall of the past, but your life.


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