Is finding the answer to how to get your baby to sleep all night your biggest dream? Except that it’s a daydream, since you can’t remember when you slept soundly enough to have night dreams? A crying baby can drive a new parent over the edge, or standing at the brink and looking over.Get kids to sleep

Parents lose much sleep in search of baby sleep solutions. Some spend big money on fancy baby cribs and toddler beds. Others use methods that alter the baby sleep pattern. Some are driven to acts of desperation, such as begging, praying, and saying magic incantations. If you’ve experimented with every baby sleep schedule, lullaby, soothing toy, etc. to no avail, and are a bleary-eyed bundle of stress, there may be a cheap and easy sleep solution.

After giving birth, my baby cried so loudly, I wondered if it was possible for him to break his own eardrums. I also feared it would break my spirits, I had tried everything and was getting frantic. I polled my friends about their recommendations for what works to get baby to sleep. I admit to being quite jealous, and even suspect, of those who said they had no issue with getting their baby to sleep all night.

One friend’s suggestion for changing new baby sleep habits was so simple, it seemed to good to be true. My friend Mary told me to read a bedtime story, and it worked! Not only did we all finally get some sleep, but my child later became an avid reader, and in turn, a better student.

We all know the magic of books for our mind, but now I appreciate their magic as a sleep solution for getting kids to sleep. Next time you wish you had a magic wand to make your baby’s crying dis appear, trying reading a story about Harry Potter’s magic wand instead. It may silence your own howler, without the aid of movie magic.

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